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Insights View Agreement

Glimpse through all the key details of your website like activities, user registrations, project funds, transactions, demographics and projects in the back-end of the website. It will give you a clear picture about the performance of your website. Just use these data and optimize your website more achieving more results easily.


Integrated Google Analytics View Agreement

Crowdfunding brings Google analytics in your admin panel. This will help you to see the performance of your website every time you log in the admin interface. It will serve you with a variety of information like bounce rates, e-commerce transactions, visit of the website and much more. You can observe these results and take necessary actions for improving the perfor ...


Social Media Marketing View Agreement

Make your website popular in social media websites by promoting it from our social media marketing module of this script. It will help you to spread the word by social sharing, social media log-in and Facepile features. This will not only help you to get new users for your website, but also help you to reach a larger scale of target audience in a short span of time. ...


Affiliates View Agreement

Take the maximum advantage of the third-party webmasters and your website users with the affiliate system of this script. It will assist them with links of your website, which can be promoted in various mediums of the digital world. If they provide conversions on your website, they get a small sum of money. This will not only help you to spread the word in digital w ...


Blog View Agreement

Activate this module to get a dedicated blog for your website. You can use this platform to spread the word about your site, notify your users with various information and wish them on festival seasons. It will help you initiate the marketing of your website. We have specially powered this blog with WordPress CMS for providing a user-friendly experience to your user ...


High Performance View Agreement

Agriya has specially formulated a high performance system which uses performance boosting techniques from Google, Amazon, CloudFlare and Redis.  It has a combination of  below-mentioned 8 high tech features which can boost your website’s loading speed by 300%.


  1. Redis
  2. MemCached
  3. Amazon S3
  4. Full ...


Idea plug-in View Agreement

Showcase a project as an idea, get votes from the online world and then move it for funding on your website with the Ideas module of this MegaScript. This mechanism ensures the website about the interest of the project from other users. If the project doesn’t reach the minimum number of votes, it expires. This feature will make sure that your website has the l ...