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Zazpay Module, Language Translation


Insights View Agreement

Once the webmaster enabled the insights module, they can know every minute information about the website clearly in the form of graphical or in a pictorial format. So this module helps the webmaster to improve the website performance with ultimate accuracy. The detail includes transactions, listing views, total bookings, revenue, Registration, Logins, Request and so ...


Integrated Google Analytics View Agreement

This is really a significant as well as an intelligent module. This mainly enhances your site connectivity as well as the loading time compatibility. This module greatly helps you to accelerate the website and get an instant response. This module consists of the following power –packed segments.

Cloud flare – helps to configure the domain to have fast loading of site ingredi ...


Launch Modes View Agreement

BookorRent is facilitated with a most exclusive module called launch modes. This launch modes option has two excellent options. There are,


Here the webmaster can notify their users by means of displaying a message that site is under maintenance. In order to keep t ...


Social Marketing module for BookorRent View Agreement

With the name itself defines that, this module is responsible for exploring the opportunities with the social media activities like invite friends, social media sharing. So if a webmaster enables this exceptional module, then the user (either a host or a booker) can able to perform those above mentioned activities to promote the listings and thereby increase the vis ...


Collections View Agreement

This module can be considered as one of the powerful module of BookorRent product. Once the user wishes to collectively represent the variety of listings in to a collection, then they can show up their collections in a single page item. This collection plugin is highly useful for the host to present their variety of rental items in to a single page.



Coupons View Agreement

Coupons module allows the host to upload discounted coupons to the bookers whoever is going to order their listings and obtain an off price. This effective discount rendering module attracts the host to list their products in order to gain more booker through the discount coupon option.

Thereby webmaster can gain more site commission out of this exceptional channel. So this module mutua ...


Affiliates View Agreement

Webmaster can run their BookorRent website with an affiliate option. This powerful affiliate option helps the host to have increased demand in booker’s traffic towards the listings. Knowing the benefits of affiliates, users will definitely contribute their effort to promote the listings in order to gain monetary benefits.

So once the user community gets expanded, automatically the ...


High Performance View Agreement

This module is mainly responsible for improving the performance of the website and process with minute accuracy. This effective module has eight versatile components which smartly induces the performance of the website. They are listed as follows.


Responsible for handling the web surfing session files and their supported information and it can easily ge ...


Listing Requests View Agreement

Here the user can raise a request by specifying their booking requirements. This module wisely increases the listing density of the BookorRent website. So whenever the demands for the listing get increased, users will tend to place their customized request requirements in the website. So if it matches with any of the host potential, then they can acquire it for further Rental or booking.

< ...


Listing Request Favorites View Agreement

User can mark their listing request as a favorite request. This module helps the user to express their own interest towards their favorite request. This provides the user to have a future reference about the request.


Listing Request Flags View Agreement

If a user feels the request to be more inappropriate to the request content, then the user can intimate the request character to the webmaster by means of listing request flag. This helps the webmaster to identify the irrelevant request and keeps the website more hygiene and standardized.