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Insights View Agreement

It’s an intellectual module where you can get an entire detail about your website. It depicts all the essential information in a graphical format so that it will be more convenient to track each and every aspect of your website. It displays information’s which includes transaction details, user logins details, demographics, activities etc in a well-detailed approach. So this greatly ...


Integrated Google Analytics View Agreement

With the help of this handy feature, you can get the overall site performance in a single click. This feature fetches the website status from the analytics and gets displayed in your admin panel. The factors includes number of visitors, page views received, bounce rates for the WebPages.

This benefits the admin not only to have a ...


Social Marketing for Getlancer View Agreement

Exploring things is best to get more attention as well as to improve the quality. With this feature, Agriya allows you to import contacts from various social networking communities. So this helps your users to spread their reach over indefinite range of targeted audience. Moreover, your user can share their listings to outside of the world with the help of this excellent social marketing module ...


High Performance View Agreement

This is really a significant as well as an intelligent module. This mainly enhances your site connectivity as well as the loading time compatibility. This module greatly helps you to accelerate the website and get an instant response. This module consists of the following power –packed segments.

Cloud flare – helps to configure the domain to have fast loading of site ingredi ...