How product works

How product works

  • To start-up with, a user who thinks his/her idea is having the potential to be launched as a prospective-project can come-forward and submit the ideas in Agriya's customer area .
  • Then Our Agriya's team will take-up these ideas, and lets it through a channel of internal-checks and evaluations - Under this evaluation phase, our acute analyzers will be examining for the ideas' potentiality - like market feasibilities and future efficiencies.
  • Once the said conditions are met, the idea as a product will be put forward for further consecutive development stages like 'For voting','For funding' and 'For sale' etc..

Note : If incase the Idea doesn't meet even the basic conditions then those Ideas will be de-activated and will be notified to the submitter.

  • In this Voting status, the Idea will be presented for the visitors/customers for voting purposes, and once sufficient votes gets collected, the Idea will be moved for the Funding status.
  • Here in the funding stage the product will be placed to seek the necessary funds from the voluntary funders, and once the Idea receives the quoted price-funds, the funding will be closed and the Idea will be pushed for the developmental activities.

Note : Agriya's knowledgeable development team will look into the Idea's developmental requirements, and will come up with a competitive budget, and this budget will be posted/quoted as a fund-price for seeking the funds.

  • once the funding gets closed even if he/she is interested in pledging their money, they cannot pledge their money - which means that the Idea works on a first-cum-first-serve basis.

Note - The Ideas which are moved to the Funding stage, will be given a particular period of time(in days) to receive the necessary funds, if in case it fails, the collected funds will be returned to the funders.

  • The collected funds will be directed for the developmental activities. And from here the product will be developed. And now the funders will be receiving the following deliverables/benefits as applicable.

1. Benefits received by the funders

  • Copy of product script,
  • single Domain license,
  • Upgrades for specific period of time,(differs for each and every product),
  • Support for a specific period of time(differs for each and every product).

Note - The deliverables like upgrades and Support which are provided for a particular period of time, actually depends upon the various internal-factors of a particular product, and hence varies from one product to another.

2. Special benefits

  • Revenue sharing (or) Child complimentary product - This is a special benefit that Agriya offers for the product-funders.

Revenue sharing - Through Revenue-sharing the product-funders will receive their funded-amount/or sometimes they may also receive double the funded-amount, and this depends entirely on the product's aspects and attributes.

Free Child-product - Child product's concept will have a very close relationship to their corresponding main/base products, and these child-products will be given for free to the funders.

Please note that the Product-Modules will not be receiving any special-benefits like Revenue sharing (or) free child products, but they will be receiving all the basic benefits like Upgrades for specific period of time,(differs for each and every product) along with the Support for a specific period of time(differs for each and every product).