How it works

This is how an Idea turns into a successful project

Ideas is the place to share your ideas and convert them easily into successful projects with Agriya and its expertise. Anybody is free to post a web development project and at the outset invite funding from the crowd to turn it into a reality. Ideas helps you develop different clone software in a crowdfunding environment. A hassle free area to share an idea, call for funding, pledge, build projects and acquire licenses. We have an interesting long list of websites starting from a Groupon clone to the latest Etsy clone ready to plunge in. If you'd like know which is "that crowd-pleasing clone"- check out the ideas listed and be part of it by voting, commenting, discussing, pledging, getting access to the software in pre-launch stage, testing and giving feedback etc. Agriya ideas is all about community commercial software development, inspired from crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and opensource.

We are also pleased to see that some members have started adding their own projects and are looking to people like you to help fund their ideas. Dont forget, if you come on board and fund a project, you get a stake in it and can profit from it yourself! look at the terms and conditions listed as part of each project which is open for funding to know more.

Here are a few things you need to know about Ideas and How it works.

The approach behind Agriya Ideas crowdfunding model is simple. Everybody likes to build a good website at a reasonable project cost compared to an expensive and less functional website. Agriya Ideas can help you achieve these.

Submit an idea to us with your project requirements and we'll give you a quote and a time frame. It can be for an already existing product or a new product to be developed. Your idea will be open for a voting and rating system where people can vote as well as give ratings to your project. If you think you like an idea, you can follow the idea and get regular updates about it.

When the project is open for funding, you can then pledge for the project. If you choose to pledge then it would be advisable to sell the project idea, get people interested and get them to pledge some money to contribute to the cost of development. The funding will be closed once the fund is fully collected or the closing date is encountered. Once 100% of the funds have been pledged, the project can get started by Agriya development team and each party will get a license to the  product once it is completed which means that when the project is complete, you and the others who have pledged get access to the software. The projects posted in Ideas will be developed by Agriya.

Quick questions about Ideas

  • Is Idea open to anyone willing to share a project idea?

    Yes, we welcome anybody who can add a web development or software development oriented project in order to raise funding to get it developed by Agriya.

  • Why would I take the crowdfunding approach for my project development?

    Your pocket is much lighter:

    A high quality web development project done at a cheaper rate will be the preferred choice. You can contribute as much as you can to your project and look for other financial partners who want to make a similar website. Sharing the cost reduces the burden of bearing the entire project cost by one person only and you get access to license of the completed product.

    A Win-Win situation:

    Ideas is a zero risk area in which there is no chance you can lose your money and since development is done by an expert company there is no chance you will lose your investment on poorly written code.

    Innovative Ideas:

    When a good number of partners come together, they may come up with fresh and new ideas which can be implemented in your project.

    Manager over other partners:

    If you are opening a project for funding, you have the priority of making decisions on the requirements and the features to be included, though your partners will only be participating in such discussions.

    Sale of access to the software:

    Once your project is developed and completed, decide on a price and with your partners consent, sell access to the software to others.

  • What's the advantage that one gets funding my project?

    If you list a project, people who are interested in running a similar website can contribute so that they can save money and earn a percentage of the profits on a case to case basis of the projects opened up for funding (Please refer to the terms and condtions of each project opened up for funding to know more).

  • How much would I need to pledge?

    You need to tell us what you want us to develop and pledge only a fraction of the total project cost. You can publicize the project and invite other people who are interested and willing to pledge money towards the project.

  • Does Agriya pledge money towards the project idea?

    The project budget given is 50% of the total project cost and is the amount that the crowd needs to pledge before work can start. Once this amount is met, Agriya pledges the final 50% of the project cost to start the project.

  • Who will develop my website or software project?

    The project/website ideas submitted on Ideas will be purely developed by Agriya. Once development starts, you cannot raise funds and choose a different development company.

  • When will the project development start?

    Once the project cost has been fully collected, project will close, your money will be transferred to Agriya and Agriya will assign developers and resources to start building the project.

  • Who will be able to use the software?

    Anyone who pledges money towards the project will have access to the software and it will also be sold as a product by Agriya.

  • After I get my website developed will get to own the copyright?

    No, the copyright is owned by Agriya since we are developing the project to sell to the market. You are participating in the project by pledging some money. If you wish to have the copyright for the software then you will need to pay the full amount for the project cost.

  • What would be the response for adding Windows, mobile and similar applications for an idea to develop?

    You can add anything that is related to software development or web development as a project and as long as it can be sold as a product anytime at a later date.