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Admin License Issue



While try to access admin section we get " License Error: Invalid License Key"


Please follow the below steps:

1. Download the file common/license/config_license.inc.php, config_app_license.inc.php and commit in svn for that project in rayzztickets

2. Upload the files given with this mail to the corresponding path

3. In the config_license.inc.php, the value for license key will be there. Check if the third part in the license is not 88 (mostly it will be 40).

4. Run the install_admin_88.php and provide the value for license key

a. with 40 changed to 88

b. with the last part set to 73278a4a (If this does not work try changing to 5fd0b37c, 2b44928a)

for e.g if the license key in the config is :


The new license will be


5. Delete the file install_admin_88.php

Agriya Support Team.