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Video Upload Problem



Video upload problem


1. Check if auto activate and auto encode is turned on

2. If it shows as Internal error occurred or video is not uploaded successfully

The problem might be with the mPlayer. Turn on log_video_upload_error in the config file. The log will be in files/temp_files/temp_log/user_id.txt

The command used to generate the frames will be there and we can run the same command in the shell and find the issue with the mplayer

If it shows as success and no issue with the flv formats but only with the other formats, the problem might be with the mencoder

From the log file we can take the command and run it in the shell and see the issues.

Mostly it will be in the usage of bframes and mp3lame or lavc option for audio. These can be changed from the admin panel in the video configuration

If the problem is video converted successfully, but playing fastly, mencoder problem , need to recompile the mencoder

3. If small size videos are uploading properly, problem only with large videos , this might be related to server issue.

Server related values as specified in the recommendations must be checked like

max_execution_time0, post upload max size in php.ini file.

In the conf file check the value for Timeout , default will be 300 we need to increase the value

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