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Editing The Currency Code Location

Some currencies require the currency code to be placed before or after the amount. For example, if we are talking about dollars, then the convention is to write $10. If your currency requires the symbol or abbreviation to be placed after the amount then follow the steps below:

1. Locate the following file and create a backup by copying and pasting it:


2. Locate the following line of code (please note that spaces have been added in the code below in order to make it display in the knowledgebase):

< dd >< /dd >

3. We need to swap the position of the currency symbol and the price, so update the line above to (remember to remove the spaces in the HTML < > tags):

< dd >< /dd >

4. You will need to do this in several other places within the same file. Simply do a search for site.currency to locate all the positions and perform the swap like above.

5. It's very important that you do not delete the full stop '.' that separates the currency code from the amount. There needs to be a space either side of the full stop.