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Translation Options and Problems

GroupDeal has the ability to be translated in to any number of languages, including languages which use non-latin characters like Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. To start translating you need to go in to the Admin area and find the Translate menu option, you can then begin translating either via Google's automated translator or manually.

Once you have done any translations please ensure that you clear the cache files, so for example to clear the English language cache files you would delete everything from:

- /app/tmp/cache/cake_en_translation

If your translation requires case sensitive changes then this may not be reflected on the website as it uses PHP scripting to automatically capitalize or remove capitalization and hence would require some customization in the core files.

Unfortunately not all phrases are available to be translated and may require editing the core files or even editing the database via PHPMyAdmin.

Some additional known translation problems include text that is in drop down menus. Unfortunately there is no option to have some of these drop down menus (eg. education) in a multi-lingual format. It only supports one language at the moment.