Agriya Bar Agriya establishes its highly remarkable ABS software - A clone of ZocDoc Click Here
Software to create design, audio, video and text contest platform

Suitable to run a Design,Audio, Video and Text contest website

Agriya identifies the growing demands of the contest industry, analyzed the opportunities and formulated a power-packed contest driven script through which users can able to launch a contest in either design, video, audio and text verticals.

 This featured contest driven script extracts the maximum benefit out of those mentioned industry and aimed to deliver a powerful business friendly contest driven solutions to the entrepreneurs whoever feels to establish their presence in contest domain

With the help of this comprehensive script, webmaster can establish a new-age business solution for the design, video, audio and text related demands been arised in the industry and intellectually overcome them.

And moreover this contest software hides several stunning monetary benefits to the webmaster and this keeps the entrepreneur to be always in the shower of revenue.

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Starting from $497.00

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Bootstrap with Responsive Design Layout

We always strive to work for the ultimate benefits for our clients. So we foreseeing the future demands and trends and constructed our contest script with bootstrap design framework. This design framework enhances the usage of contest driven website through any of the portable devices without... >>READ MORE

Prizing Package

Webmaster can define the prize amount for the contest to be held in the contest software. Once the contest has been closed successfully by selecting the winner, contest holder has to reward the winner in terms of prize amount.
Each prize option has some unique advantages and benefits to... >>READ MORE

Additional Contest Fee

Besides the normal revenue option, we integrated some innovative revenue options also which helps the webmaster to get more income through the contest website.
We introduced some contest type which makes the contest holder can classify their contest depends upon their convenience. He we... >>READ MORE

Membership fee

Once the user feels to become a member of contest website, then they have to pay a membership fee. This fee should be considered as the gateway to the user to enroll them as a registered member with the contest driven software. >>READ MORE

Contest Duration Fee

If a contest holder wishes to expand or reduce the contest duration by observing the response for the contest, then they can alter the duration of the contest with their convenience. For getting expanded or to contract the contest, they need to pay some amount which is set by the webmaster. >>READ MORE

Advertisement Captcha

This Captcha approach acts as a powerful anti-spam mechanism as well as a strong revenue option of the contest driven software. In 360Contest, Captcha is prompted at the time of user registration. So the user has to enter the Captcha whichever comes in the Captcha section.
This highly... >>READ MORE