99 Designs Clone

360 contest, is a fresh vibrant and flexible 99designs clone script, it is specially created to meet the needs of design contest industry. It helps the website admin to step into the enormous industry of design contest by creating a design contest website. This website will benefit the contest holders to outsource their designing projects to multiple designers. It will assist them to draw more creativity and diversified ideas for their projects. The designers would get an opportunity to serve global clients.

Every design contest has price money as a reward for creative and crisp designs. Once the Contest holder decides the winner, he gets the prize money. The website admin takes a dedicated percentage of commission from the prize money.

Let us have a look at the advantages of this script.

- Dynamic Form Builder
- User friendly design
- SEO friendly script
- Paypal adaptive
- Advance admin controls
- Host multiple design contests
- Easily customizable script

And much more..

Product Id: 164
Demo Urlhttp://360contest.dev.agriya.com/
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Starting from $497.00

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Dynamic Form Builder

Each service needs a form which would convey the needs of the contest holder to the designer. It helps designers to understand the pulse of the contest holders and provide excellent service. We integrated a dynamic form builder which is capable of generating dynamic forms with respect to the... >>READ MORE

Pricing Packages

At the time of posting a contest, the contest holder has to choose a particular pricing package. The amount specified in the pricing package will be rewarded to the designer. The advantage of this feature is that quality designers will be attracted towards the design contest.

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Advertising Captcha

We develop our products with respect to our customers' demands. One of the crucial demand is to include a mechanism to stop spam users. We took an extra mile and associated a revenue generating option as well. We have added an innovative CAPTCHA system which provides a visual puzzle and... >>READ MORE

Ad Banner Management

In order to drive more consumers and allow them to take advantage of the commercial world, we have created a banner management system which allows you to add remove and change your banners. The site admin can use these banners to use Google Adsense, Yahoo publisher, AdChoices, adBrite, Clicksor... >>READ MORE

Paid Membership

This feature allows the admin to set up a membership fee for the users who register with the website. It is the part of strong revenue model of 360contest. We have also provided a provision to alter the membership fee.

With this feature the site owner is assured that there are no... >>READ MORE

PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway

All the payment transactions will be automated. The Contest holder will pay the prize money through PayPal. Once he declares the winner, the designer will get the prize money deposited in his PayPal account and the site admin will get his commission in his PayPal account.
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