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Anova Payment


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Anova Payment


This module lets you run a free and paid knowledge sharing site. Apart from earning money through banner ads, you can now earn money from the Anova site by offering paid subscription to users. It is fully automated. Once the site admin sets the payment plan and actions for each plan, the admin can sit and relax while the system will keep collecting the money from users who subscribe to the site or upgrade their payment plan.Under the payment plan, the admin can restrict the number of questions and answers posted by users, style switching, question and answer rating, viewing best answers, video watching and recording time, number of video and audio posts, audio recording time and much more. The users paying maximum amount can enjoy all the features of the site. The payment module comes with the two types of payment options namely PayPal pro and PayPal standard. If you opt for the PayPal standard payment options, then users will be directed to the PayPal page for making payment. On selection of the PayPal pro option, the site will offer the payment section in the signup page to let users pay in the same signup page. Thereby, user convenience is increased.

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