Etsy Clone

BuySell is an online marketplace which works similar to an Etsy clone where you can buy as well as sell any item ranging from baby products to art, digital products, jewellery and many more. It is an excellent platform to showcase and sell items for those who wish to sell. Digital products in a downloadable form of .rar or .zip files can be listed for sale.The search functionality is very wide, allowing you to search for items, people and shops. You can browse for items by categories,collections,shops and refine them down by shop owners or price range.

BuySell members can follow each other and form circles thereby get item updates. Users can create Collections based on a theme from different shops and make it a wishlist.Pricing for all items is set as USD however users can view the price of the item in their own currency as other currency and conversion value can be defined from the admin.

Paypal Adaptive payment method is integrated in the site for transaction purposes. You can choose to charge the sellers a listing fee to list their items for sale or list for free.You get a site commission at a flat rate or a percentage on sale.

Social options include the ability to e-mail items to friends, share in other networks, Facebook Like, Tweet to Twitter and adding comments on items. If you are the one who likes to create a marketplace for merchandise and a smile back value purchase, BuySell is the right choice for you.


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Starting from $897.00

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Solve Media Advertisement Captcha

Say Bye-Bye to spam users by using a Captcha system. Agriya has re- energizes this system by integrating Solve Media Ad-Captcha in “BuySell”. This system will not only restrict spam users, but also assist the website admin to earn extra money. We have integrated this captcha system in the... >>READ MORE

Buy Items

Members can browse through the variety of items available for sale and purchase their favorite ones. You can make an item purchase after you register in the site if you aren't a member. If you would like to postpone your purchases, you can consider adding them to collections and decide to buy... >>READ MORE

Items for Sale

Your members can add any item for sale in the site from toys,ceramics to clothes and downloadable digital products. Digital products can be listed in the form of .rar or .zip files and can be downloaded by the buyer directly from the View Item page. There are no restrictions on the limit of items... >>READ MORE

Collections Management

Collections is similar to a wishlist where members can choose items from different shops and add it to a collection. As the admin, you can limit the number of shops from which items can be added and feature any of the collections created as Handpicked items in the Home page. An option to add... >>READ MORE

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

BuySell software provides multi-language support which means in addition to the default english language you can add desired languages in your site. For an example if you want to add "French" language in your site, then you can export the existing language variables and import them back after... >>READ MORE

Payment in BuySell

We have integrated the PayPal Adaptive method to complete the payment process in the BuySell site. The Payment module in BuySell has been made a bit more flexible to complete payment transactions with ease. Now you can decide to choose the Parallel type of payment or the Chained type in the... >>READ MORE