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Product variation

Agriya specially added this option in the script which caters an excellent support to your online marketplace website. It assists your sellers to add the required variations to their products for providing brief details about the listed items with ease. You have to activate the product variation module to utilize this feature in your website.

Note: To get entire advantages aspects of this module in your website, you have to opt for this module. Read more

Mass importer

This option assists sellers to create their shops in your website instantly, if they have shops from different sites like Etsy, ArtFire and many more with just few clicks. Your sellers merely have to verify all details and start selling their products effortlessly in your website. Receive the entire benefits of this option in your website, by triggering off the mass importer module of this script.

Note: Enjoy this flexible module’s benefit available in this script by purchasing and enabling it in the website. Read more

Bootstrap with responsive design layout

Get more exposure and popularity for your website with this excellent responsive web designs option. It helps your website to adjust its screen resolution automatically to various devices and browsers. This helps you to easily attract many target audiences in your website. Read more