Solve Media Advertisement Captcha

Say Bye-Bye to spam users by using a Captcha system. Agriya has re- energizes this system by integrating Solve Media Ad-Captcha in “BuySell”. This system will not only restrict spam users, but also assist the website admin to earn extra money. We have integrated this captcha system in the user registration form. So, whenever a user registers on the site, the website owner earns money from it. Read more
Members can browse through the variety of items available for sale and purchase their favorite ones. You can make an item purchase after you register in the site if you aren't a member. If you would like to postpone your purchases, you can consider adding them to collections and decide to buy them later. Read more
Your members can add any item for sale in the site from toys,ceramics to clothes and downloadable digital products. Digital products can be listed in the form of .rar or .zip files and can be downloaded by the buyer directly from the View Item page. There are no restrictions on the limit of items that can be sold in the site. If an item is downloadable, script checks if the downloadable file is uploaded and these items can be marked as free and attracts no shipping costs. Read more