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Channel Language Translator


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Channel Language Translator


Channel includes the universal aspect to give the video buff community ease of access with Translate. Your users' website traffic would increase and they can discover and explore new markets with your site. Channel increases the fun of communication with a gamut of languages that are showcased in Translate. With the advantages of choosing languages, your users can change their communication preferences and connect to increase their community and boost traffic to websites. Your users can translate languages with just a click and convert friends and other video lovers into becoming members with a seamless transition to join a social video networking circle.

Give your users the smart way to connect fun with monetary values with Translate and appeal more to a global audience. Channel offers translation of multiple languages so your members can join a world community and expand their websites with a potential audience. Optimize your users' chances of attracting attention, appeal and the alluring aspect of exposure to traffic and translating the advantage into financial resources. As the latest and the best way of marketing, Channel gives your users the opportunity to mix and mingle with millions of people who would be interested in your members' video collection with translation of languages that would ease communication as a smart way to increase video counts. Your members would have the benefit of a choice of languages that they can Change with the Language Translator and Add New Language that would display Status and Action. The Manage Translation Page will show Manage Language, Serial Number, Path, Action that exhibits Collapse, Expand and Translate with an easy mode that displays the choice of Quit.

Google has decided that using the Google Translation API should no longer be free and as some of our customers have found out, any attempts to translate your site now using the built in code will be prevented. In the place of the free Google Translation service, Google have implemented an Enterprise solution where you can pay to machine translate the text on your website.You need to get the API key for the module to work correctly. All Agriya’s products let you manually translate your website.