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Channel Mass Uploader for Video


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Channel Mass Uploader for Video


Get your users into the passion fashion mode with a collection for all seasons. Your video buff members can display all their videos on the ramp with the Mass Uploader for Video. Channel ushers in the celluloid world into the comfort of your users' homes. Your members can take off on their magic carpet with the Mass Uploader script that can be configured with an easy method by uploading the video files to the server. Your members can watch the magic unfold with fresh content being uploaded to their website that will increase Google rankings besides being refreshed on a frequent basis. With the Mass Uploader tool uploading several videos simultaneously, the time consuming task of uploading videos one by one is eliminated leaving with easy access and enough time to get ready for a non-stop culture of entertainment. Your users can choose the folder that they want to be uploaded and also determine how often they want Channel to update content from the folder that they have chosen.

Your members can let the fun begin by activating uploads from the Scan path that is selected. Besides customizing the Activation Period and the Activation Quantity, tags can be added, with categories and description that will index the content. Your users can bring in revenue by allowing User Ratings, Comments and the content to be embedded by third party websites. With all-time faves, customer loyalty can be increased and RSS subscriptions can be used as inspiration for the freshly updated content.