Bootstrap with Responsive designs

Simply productive and clean web 3.0 designs of the website are always ready to navigate the users easily. They are exclusively crafted from Twitter Bootstrap framework to power consistent, customizable and responsive layout to the website. The smart pixels of these designs will automatically adjust to any kind of screen resolutions and devices in the world. Read more

Pjax Designs

Users will experience a superfast browsing experience while using the website. It doesnt reload the entire webpage, instead it will only load the elements which are different from the previous page. It provides a visually pleasing and pleasant experience to your users. Read more

Idea’s mechanism

It assists you to present a crowdfunding project an idea. It also creates a mechanism where people from the digital world can vote the idea. Once the idea, get the minimum number of votes, it is moved for funding. This process creates a curiosity amongst the users and ensures that your website has projects which look feasible to the online world.

Note: To have this excellent feature, you need to purchase and enable the Idea's mechanism Module. Read more