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Exposure is a joint where potential clients meet companies for great new ventures. They can spot desired companies based on city and ideal budget. Every business gets a free listing in Exposure, so just a few lines about the company and sample images is all what is needed to get noticed and earn business. Companies registered in Exposure get the opportunity to identify similar companies in their own city and know their price tag.

Introducing: Exposure

In a nutshell this is a basic site where a single type of business can list themselves on your site and pay a monthly or one time fee to be featured on it. The script takes care of all the member management functions and the business side of the site such as managing the transactions and activating and deactivating the businesses which are promoting themselves on your site.

Every Business Gets A Full Page Listing

Every business that is listed on your site will receive a full page listing which is packed with features to help your visitors. They can find out more about the business in question, browse through past projects, save the business to their favourites and share them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The business can mention the best way to contact them which is highlighted at the bottom of the page.


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Starting from $297.00

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Multi-templating system

Exposure has a unique multi-template feature which helps the users choose their favorite layout from the list of available themes. Each template is separately designed in such a way that when the user selects a template its designs are applied to all the pages in the site - hence the user is able... >>READ MORE

Multi-language Support

With the translator addon module installed, you can make your site a multi-lingual site giving your users a rich experience. You can translate the default English language to any other languages and your users will be able to view the site in their own language.

There are some... >>READ MORE

Google Site Map

You can create an XML sitemap that can be submitted to Google or other search engines to help them crawl your website better. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal... >>READ MORE

Paid Membership

All businesses registering with Exposure get a free membership and have a free plan. Encourage your business members to upgrade to Pro plan and enjoy benefits like a bigger listing card, more image uploads and priority listing. Paid members can effectively make use of the Pro plan by paying a... >>READ MORE

PayPal Integration

PayPal being the popular payment gateway, the Exposure script has PayPal Pro and Standard integrated with it. Businesses choosing to upgrade to Pro plan membership will be able to pay through their credit card in case of Pro payment in the site. When you have Standard integrated, it allows your... >>READ MORE

Twitter Share

Business members when they share listings using their Twitter account, it will be displayed in their Twitter profile page. Anyone visiting their profile can see those listings and try to establish contacts to carry out business dealings. Thus, your site will become familiar among other twitter... >>READ MORE