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Fiverr Clone

FPPlatform is an excellent Fiverr clone script which is capable of launching a perfect micro jobs management website. FPPlatform connects the people who want to accomplish their task with minimum effort with the community who are ready to expose their skills and thereby getting some revenue. So this mutually compensates the demands of the two extremities and assists the webmasters to earn exorbitant revenue through classification of gig categories.

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Job/Gig Commission

Webmaster has an option to define separate commission amount for every gigs been defined. So the webmaster can categorize the gig/job range conveniently. >>READ MORE

Solve Media Advertisement Captcha

Agriya’s FPPlatform has a dual power feature which stops the spam users and helps you to generate money easily. It is smartly placed in the user registration form. So whenever a user registers on your website, you will earn a small amount of money. This ensures that your website has genuine... >>READ MORE

Advertisement Banner

In order to drive more traffic and allow them to take advantage of the commercial world, we have created a banner management system which allows you to add remove and change your banners. The site admin can use these banners to use several advertising programs, thereby attract revenue to the site. >>READ MORE

Integrated Google Analytics

It is more essential that, an admin to know the position and ratings of their domain in the network, and thereby they can evaluate their website status conveniently. This timely feature helps the admin to gain enough knowledge about their site in the overall ranking in the analytics status. It... >>READ MORE


It is an innovative feature, through which the webmaster can gain knowledge about the site activities like users, transactions, gigs, users and revenue data also. So, this feature always keeps you updated with related to your domain.

Note: To have this exceptional feature, you need... >>READ MORE

Jobs/Gig Management

With the name itself denotes that, webmasters have an exceptional feature through which they can conveniently handle the jobs/gigs effectively. They can easily add, delete, flag, suspend, and review the submitted gigs effectively. >>READ MORE