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As people have been searching for a new way to earn a bit of cash on the side, websites like Fiverr have grown in popularity. FP Flatform is Agriya's Fiverr clone which is based on the idea: getting a small job done for only 5 bucks. The Fiverr clone script is an ideal money making machine for budding entrepreneurs and for people to survive a recession period. Similar to Fiverr, FP Platform is also achieving a huge success right from the beginning.

In the Fiverr clone script, you can create your own fixed price jobs site where anyone can post a job they'll do, all the payments are automated, you can manage your members and money easily from the backend, you can feature jobs that you choose, put advertising on the site, basically everything that the Fiverr website already does and a whole lot more!

Your seller members can put up their gig and give it the right category. They need to specify a short note about the gig, time estimate to complete the gig and any info that the buyer needs to know. After the job is done the buyer gives a thumbsup or thumbsdown and a message as a feedback.

Buyers in the Fiverr clone script place an order for a gig and pay $5 to complete the job. They can keep track of the job, checkout feedback and maintain money in their account. The Fiverr clone lets seller members offer thier gigs at multiple prices thereby giving a variety to the buyers.


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Offer Multiple Job Prices

Give more variety to your buyers and let your sellers earn more by offering multiple price points for the jobs and services on offer. You are not restricted to a single price point, infact you are not restricted in the number of price points you can have either.

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Comprehensive Affiliate Program

Imagine having an army of people willingly promoting your website without you having to do any additional work. That's exactly what happens with customers using Agriya's FP Platform software with its built in affiliate program.

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Automated Ordering System

The entire ordering system has been set up to be as automatic as possible to minimize the amount of time you need to spend administrating your website. When the buyer makes a purchase the seller needs to accept the payment and the money is moved to a pending account. Upon successful completion of... >>READ MORE

OpenID and Twitter Connect

Get people signing up quicker and faster by enabling OpenID and Twitter Connect on your site. Instead of going through the entire registration process the users can simply login to your site using their OpenID or Twitter details.

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Auto Posting To Facebook & Twitter

We are all aware of the power of Facebook and Twitter and the amount of traffic it can bring you. Make sure that your users are never out of touch with what's going on with your site by automatically posting all the new jobs that are added to your site to your Facebook fan page and Twitter... >>READ MORE

Auto Job Censor Option

FP Platform aims to save you time in every way possible and one of the unique ways FP Platform lets you concentrate on marketing your website rather than administrating it includes automatically screening jobs to make sure they are suitable and acceptable for your audience.

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