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Getlancer is the best freelancer script been integrated several successful features from most of the popular freelancing websites like Freelancer, Elance, Peopleperhour and Odesk etc It is capable of creating a freelancer clone website which connects freelancers and the employers. Project holders could get various choices of the work force and at the same time, freelancer could also find ample of job opportunities with the help of this freelancing website.

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Dual Sign-up

This effective freelancer clone website facilitates your user to register as a freelancer as well as the employer simultaneously. This highly assists them to have a hassle free registration process and act as a freelancer as well as employer at the same time. To enable this feature, admin has to... >>READ MORE

Exclusive Escrow System

A well integrated payment discussion system. Whenever an ambiguity arises, both the employers as well as the freelancers can arise request to the admin, so that admin clears the issue by reviewing the past conversation and the activities been performed by each other. >>READ MORE

Dispute Management System

Whenever there is a conflict within the employer and the freelancer, they bring to your knowledge by using this dispute management system. The webmaster reviews the issue like a third party source and clears the dispute by favoring the right person. This is one of the most essential features for... >>READ MORE

Freelancer Reviews

With this option, employers can come to an idea about the freelancer’s performance and their proficiency. Previous employers were rate and place their suggestions about the freelancers overall behavior of their task. This facilitates the employers to have a real time opinion about the... >>READ MORE

Responsive Design – Bootstrap

To enhance the website look and feel and to make compatible with any browser, we have effectively ingredient this responsive design layout. This helps to have a consistent webpage while viewing with indefinite resolution. Moreover we integrated bootstrap design for innovative design tools and... >>READ MORE

Freelancer Search Option

Another hassle free option to search the right freelancers in this freelancer clone script. We have a separate search box through which user can search across the freelancer’s community.