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Getlancer Quote

Agriya put forth its’ newly developed interesting Thumbtack clone script- Getlancer Quote. It facilitates you to begin your distinctive and interactive service marketplace website within a short duration of time.

Geolocation based service listing in your website helps the seekers to find the service professional within their geographical area with ease. And managing your freelance service marketplace quote site is very easy with the numerous features inbuilt in it. You can effectively manage the services, requests, categories and user subscription logs.

This Thumbtack clone script is also capable adapting to a wide range of business verticals where you can establish your own unique service marketplace website effortlessly. All its features, modules, business verticals and admin related value-added aspects that are integrated into your website assist to print your success footsteps in this industry with less effort.

Moreover, as an admin, you can generate your own revenue making options so that you can get benefit out of running a highly lucrative service marketplace website consistently. Major earning possibilities are the subscription fee, transaction fee, ad-captcha and ad-banner. 
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Geo-Location based service listing

The location must be an option in your website because the base of this business concept is to find the service professionals around certain nearer distance. In keeping with we have integrated the most influential Geo-location. It helps any registered service requester of your website to find... >>READ MORE

Lead generation

Successful selection of reliable, suitable and right service professionals by the seekers can be done with the two smartest options present in this script. Firstly, called, direct lead, the seekers can directly select an appropriate provider by thoroughly searching the website. Or else, secondly,... >>READ MORE

Dynamic form builder

Hosting any kinds of local services in your website is simple and easy by utilizing the included dynamic form builder option. As a webmaster, you can add or remove any field and make your own final form builder for collecting the information from your users both service seekers and... >>READ MORE

Advanced Search Options

By using this exclusive option, the requester can use a map and by selecting corresponding categories they can search the professional in an advanced manner. Apart from this, they can also select the provider of needed category and city by using the listed cities and categories option. Advance... >>READ MORE

Manage the quote

You can effectively manage, maintain and operate all the complete details of the requests, services, categories and user subscription logs with ease. This user-friendly feature lets you know about what is happening in your site and assist you to take proper decisions effortlessly. >>READ MORE

Service Feedback

With this helpful feature option, the requester can provide feedback to the service at the completion of every work. All those comments will help the service professional to improve their performance and also assists to get many more job opportunities in the future as well.
In the same... >>READ MORE