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Groupon is the daily deal websites that serves many major international markets, offering one coupon per day in each these markets. You can’t go anywhere online these days without spotting a Groupon ad. It's theory as we all know - the social features of its deep-discount offers for local merchants — a certain size group had to sign up in order for the deal to be “on” has been the reason for the huge success.

Group Deal is Agriya's group buying software. The daily deal website that brings you deals prevailing in your city right in your inbox each day. It could be deep discounts on food, entertainment, holiday or things to buy. For over a year, Agriya has been selling the GroupDeal software and enabling entreprenuers and businesses around the world to build highly profitable group buying websites.

We've already seen a rise in the number of enquiries asking for Groupon clones so if it is something you are thinking about then get in touch with us for a quote because other people are also trying to cash in on this brand new market.


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Ad-Banner management

Our new Ad-Banner management program will help you to advertise other websites based on the geographical location, and other similarly correlating factors - Ad-Banner management will just let you to advertise other neighbor or foreign websites on your website and earn happy-dollars by affiliating... >>READ MORE

My account-group menu interface

My account is now more sophisticated with the inclusions of My group deal menu. Here you can view all your Group deals separately and also have a nice and easy brush-over all your Deal-transactions.
Here you will be able view your pending, cancelled, available, refunded, Expired and Used... >>READ MORE

Social sharing

Social sharing will let you to share all your Deals on social networks and enable the referential in-flows for the websites through your sharing. Social networks can play a big role in multiplying the Deal-business - With the aid of some of the third party plugins like facebook like, twitter... >>READ MORE

Advanced Merchant Dashboard

This version of Group Deal will enable the Merchants to view their deals just similar to like Admin does with the website - Merchants now get the Admin like-handles for managing their Deals. As we all know that the Merchants are the real Deal-makers on the website, and therefore we have... >>READ MORE

GZIP cache implementation

With the aim of building user-friendly interface this new version of Group deal has implemented the new GZIP cache implementations, which will just enable the User's to fetch their destined landing-pages in a more swift and economical manner.
Advantages of the GZIP implementations are ; >>READ MORE

Deal categories

With a new comprehensive look and approach Deal categories are now listed in a more easy to access manner. All the Categories of the Deal will be listed towards the left-top corner of the home-page. Here you can view all the details of a particular category yet, stay on the main category list... >>READ MORE