Media Server

When there is a need to store a large number of photos, avatars and video files, they can be stored in a separate server called a media server. Maintaining these files on a separate server gives the advantage of allowing the main web server to handle all the videos and the media server serve up all the content. Essentially you are delegating a server to handle a particular task, thus speeding up your site. If you don't have a multi-server setup then all files and processes can be handled on a single server. Read more
If you come across any interesting article or information on any site, you can share it with friends through the Post Link feature. Provide the URL of the interesting content in the text box of the Post Link page. After placing the URL, hit the Preview button to view the images available in the selected web page. Select any one image that has to be shown to users, and provide a short description related to the web content in the description box. Finally click the Post button to post the link.
As the shared web content is presented with an image and a short description, users will get an idea of shared content before clicking the posted link. This way users can choose to view only a desired link from plenty. Read more
Comments are one of the main ways to attain popularity among people. iSocial users can raise a question, put forth an argument, or just share their thoughts on photos, walls, videos and notes. For instance, a user can post videos of their family function, the day when their child started walking, his wife's birthday party, his/her best friend's wedding on an iSocial site and get interesting feedback from other members. This is also a place, where a user can respond to the other members’ comments immediately when they post comments about their daily activities in the news feed. Read more