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Marketplace script

Marketplace-Quote is a competitive Thumbtack clone script. This script will build a platform for connecting the people who are willing to outsource their daily actives with suitable and cost-effective service professionals.Many users face difficulties in searching an apt service professional for their daily activities. They also want to be assured of quality service and would like to know about them from others. On the other hand, service professionals want to market their services and spread their reach to the people in an effective way.

Marketplace-Quote meets both the requirements and provides them additional benefits like requesting a quote, selecting a cost-effective service professional, providing an online presence to service providers, etc. This script comforts the website admin by providing special privileges to manage, monitor, maintain the website and create his mechanism of earning from a user-friendly thumbtack clone website.

Look at the following features of this technology fused thumbtack clone

  Dynamic form builder   


  PayPal Adaptive

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Dynamic Form Builder

This feature allows the website admin to host any kind of service. The website admin can generate unique forms for each service. These forms will help the experts to understand the needs of the user and provide them professional service to the users. >>READ MORE

Bootstrap Design

Each webpage of Marketplace-quote is designed using bootstrap technology. It provide visually stunning web designs in responsive web layout. Using this technology every page on your website has the capability to adjust itself according to the browser size. It is highly used to build mobile... >>READ MORE

Multiple Payment Gateways Using Sudopay

We have specially integrated Sudopay as payment gateway integration. This payment method comprises of all the major as well as popular payment gateways getting integrated. So this facilitates admin as well as users to have a hassle-free payment process over this Thumbtack clone script. >>READ MORE

Advertising Captcha

Agriya always observes the demands of our customers and develop the features of its products. One of the crucial demands is to include a mechanism for stopping spam users. We took an extra mile and associated a revenue generating option as well. We have added an innovative CAPTCHA system which... >>READ MORE

Ad-Banner Management

Many organizations want to promote their products and service on various websites. So, in order to take advantage of this commercial world, we have created ad-banner management system, which allows you to add, remove and change your banners.

The website admin can also use these... >>READ MORE

Social Security Verification

Every service marketplace requires genuine users in their website. In order to meet this requirement, we have added a feature which verifies Twitter, Facebook, Paypal and email accounts of the users and the experts.
The users will be assured that they are offering their work to real time... >>READ MORE