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Key Notes:

1. Please make a note that we are naming these servers only for your suggestion, and if in case you avail any of the servers mentioned above, you alone will be responsible for the good/bad-being of the server going forward in and will not be responsible for this in-between transactions - We suggest you to take a closer look into your requirements and make the choice accordingly.

2. Agriya products are not compatible on the Godaddy, iPower, Yahoo, Netfirms and 1and1 servers, Since their functioning are not suitable for Agriya's products - This is not an indication of the support or service they provide it just means Agriya's software doesn't work on their servers.

3. Agriya products are very compatible on VPS and dedicated servers, we strongly recommend you to consider VPS and dedicated servers to yield your website's best performances.

4. And Agriya products will also support shared hostings - Shared hostings will be supported only in the earlier stages when the traffic is less/moderate or when you are trying to test your website, but we strongly recommend you to choose VPS or dedicated servers when your site goes live - Huge bandwith and storage space in order run the website requires a dedicated or VPS hosting to maintain your website from getting choked.