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The forum module offers the best discussion place for site members to discuss any subject with other members in a simple and convenient way. Members can simply open a thread under any category to start a discussion. Like-minded people can come together to share their thoughts and opinions in a friendly way without meeting them in person.The forum module lets users start a thread under two categories namely general discussion and group discussion. If a discussion is started under general discussion, all members can view and reply to the discussion. On the other hand, if a thread is started under group discussion, then members belonging to that group alone can view and reply to the discussion. As the forum is viewed by many people, you will get different solutions from different people, some of which are bound to work very well for you.The discussions carried out on various problems or errors faced by people are stored in the forums along with solutions. Hence it becomes a useful library for people to find solutions to their problems either by referring to old threads or posting a new one. Forums are also used by people to promote their site. On the whole, having the forum module is one of the best ways to attract more visitors to your site.