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iSocial Pages


Let your members create and maintain Fan Pages, Business Pages or any other Page they want to promote a celebrity, product or service - or even just to unite behind a common cause.

Your members will be able to become a Fan of the page, view photos, watch videos and participate in discussions and a whole lot more - it's like a mini community created on your site. Anyone can create their own Page (or mini community since that's what it is) and the Page owners will have all the tools necessary to build, manage and maintain the Page. Photos and videos can not only be added by the page owners, fans can also enjoy adding photos and videos to the page owner's profile.

As the Admin of the site you will have access to review all the Pages that have been created and have the power to remove any that have unsuitable content. Grow your site today with the power of Mini-Communities and the Pages add-on module for iSocial Pro and iSocial Lite.