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Online Food Ordering System




Online Food Ordering System Enables Users To Get Their Favourite Dish From Recommended Restaurants Through Online.


     1. Site statistics
     2. User management
     3. Users login management
     4. E-mail notification
     5. Banned IP management
     6. Restaurant management
     7. Restaurant search filter
     8. Restaurant menu management
     9. Discounted code support
    10.Static page management
    11.Site info module
    12.Googole analytics integration
    13.Site maintenance mode
    14.SEO friendly
    15.E-mail templates
    16.Multi language support
    18.Geo-location integration
    19.Enhanced Admin interface
    20.Captcha integration
    21.Referral module
    22.Menu management
    23.Recommended Restaurants  
    24.Social sharing integration
    25. Menu 'preorder' integration.
    26. Cuisine search filter.


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