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Party Planet is a complete city entertainment and nightlife portal which contains all the ingredients you need to bring people together to discover the newest events, the most happening places in their location and hook up with other like minded people. The entire script is setup around Venues and Events as venue owners tell your members what's going on where they live.

Your first time visitors will be asked which town or city they want to find the latest entertainment and events in and they will be taken to the site which will only show information from the selected location. Once the visitor has told the script which location they want information from, they can find all the local venues which are holding events, get photos, videos, the latest news and chat with others on the integrated forum. Your users will even be able to plan their own events directly from your site, inviting their friends to sign up which helps to grow your site virally and without any effort on your behalf!

Set Your Venues

Your users have the option to sign up as a regular member or a venue owner. As a venue owner the person can add their venues where events can be held, create a profile page for each venue and showcase upcoming events along with highlighting events that have already taken place. >>READ MORE

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Event Ticket Booking Management

PartyPlanet has an exclusive event ticket booking management system. This feature comforts the user by providing him an option to buy tickets for himself as well as a partner as soon as he views the event listing. Once the user books a ticket, they are stored in “Booked ticket” section of the... >>READ MORE

Solve Media Advertisement Captcha

CAPTCHA is the most famous technique to avoid spam users and robots. How interesting it would be, if you earn money while a user enters a CAPTCHA? Well that’s a reason Agriya has integrated Solve media AD CAPTCHA system in PartyPlanet. We have added this Ad-Captcha system in the registration... >>READ MORE

PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway

This feature comforts the website admin by automating all the payment transactions on the website. When a user pays for the tickets from his PayPal account, the website commission is deposited in the websites PayPal account, the transaction fees of PayPal are deducted and the venue owner gets the... >>READ MORE

Site Commission Fee

When a user books a ticket and pays for the same, the website earns revenue from it. To use this feature the website admin should enable ticket price option from his admin dashboard. >>READ MORE

Two Default Templates

Party Planet comes with two built in templates which you can change with a click of a button in the admin area. You have the choice of a dark and stylish layout or a clean and modern white layout. You can start off using one template and then unveil a completely overhauled design several months... >>READ MORE

Graphical Transaction Chart

The website admin can view all the major statistics of the website in his admin panel. He can view various charts like user logins, registrations, venues, event and modules. We have specially added the transaction and the viewer owner request charts. With the help of these charts a website admin... >>READ MORE