Event Ticket Booking Management

PartyPlanet has an exclusive event ticket booking management system. This feature comforts the user by providing him an option to buy tickets for himself as well as a partner as soon as he views the event listing. Once the user books a ticket, they are stored in “Booked ticket” section of the user’s dashboard. The user can navigate to this section and print the tickets as per his convenience.
This feature sophisticates the user and the website owner. The website owner earns commission from every ticket sold through his website. Read more

Solve Media Advertisement Captcha

CAPTCHA is the most famous technique to avoid spam users and robots. How interesting it would be, if you earn money while a user enters a CAPTCHA? Well that’s a reason Agriya has integrated Solve media AD CAPTCHA system in PartyPlanet. We have added this Ad-Captcha system in the registration form. So, whenever a user registers on your website you can earn from it. Read more

PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway

This feature comforts the website admin by automating all the payment transactions on the website. When a user pays for the tickets from his PayPal account, the website commission is deposited in the websites PayPal account, the transaction fees of PayPal are deducted and the venue owner gets the ticket money in his PayPal account. This payment gateway creates a hassle free payment mechanism for users, website admin and the venue owners. Read more