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Photoz Mass Photo Uploader


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Photoz Mass Photo Uploader


Do you want to give your users the genie in a lamp to grant them all things beautiful? Photoz offers a magical way to display an array of photos to color the senses. The Mass Uploader for Photo configures a systematized script where you can upload photos to the server. Your users can just sit back and watch their website get refreshed with new content every day with high Google rankings. All they have to do is select a folder and decide how often Photoz should update your content from this folder and hey presto! The search engines are going to love it! The Photo Mass Uploader will upload all your members' pictures at the same time and add Tags, categories and descriptions to index content.

Your users can allow User Ratings and Comments besides allowing a third party to embed the content. Your users can activate automated uploads from selected Scan Path and customize Activation Quantity and Activation Period (content per period of time). Give your members a chance to top up their benefits by controlling the time and rate of publishing with a great way to save time. They can increase customer loyalty use RSS subscriptions to enhance the appeal of freshly updated content.

Thanks to the Mass Uploader tool the content of your network can be refreshed on a daily basis while you just sit back and relax. No more time consuming upload procedures, no more one-by-one manual uploads! With the Mass Uploader you just select a folder on your computer and choose how often Photoz should update your content from this folder. We don’t have to tell you that search engines love fresh content to update their rankings!