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PrivateShop was built to cater and excel to all the current and future online flash sales, justified by the recent researches which revealed about 80% of the population opting for online sales, Agriya thought to introduce PrivateShop with all the power-packed features.

PrivateShop Website concept helps you to make highly depreciated and refreshing product-sales in Kids, Home, men and Women and all other possible categories every day, PrivateShop is now launched in the luxury flash sale platform and catalyzed by the Product variance features . PrivateShop helps you to Flash your sales with a discounted price tag designated to it!!

PrivateShop site with the inclusions of new Product-variant features module is surely going to stimulate and motivate the customers to buy and reach his end-product smoothly and in an satisfactory manner. At PrivateShop no holds barred when it comes to product selections.

PrivateShop's flash sale is the advanced business-model!!!; By taking advantage of an extremely hot and highly unstoppable & favorable atmosphere it strikes discount-overflows in the current-day's Global e-trading segment. As the truth reveals that the fact of Flash Sales has become recommendable for both buyers and sellers as the easiest method to strike mutual bonus.  >>READ MORE

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Product Variations

This feature gives an option to add all the micro-features for each and every product before posting it live on the website. For example - Electronic items have certain specifications like weight and capacity, clothing has color and size specification.It makes us happy when we find the item that... >>READ MORE

Sell both Digital and Physical Products

PrivateShop enables you to sell both digital and physical products beyond which you will be having the options to add as many categories and sub-categories as you wish, so here you can sell all your products and in a much more organized way as well. >>READ MORE

Customize PrivateShop Login

PrivateShop has an unique option of 'PrivateShopping' which will switch the Users to theĀ Private Shopping ModeĀ , where On enabling this feature, system will force users to login before entering into the site.

PrivateShop also enables users to add their own background image for... >>READ MORE

Dual Templates

The default design for PrivateShop is clean and modern, but if you want to set your website apart from the crowd then we have also designed two jaw droppingly beautiful templates for PrivateShop. These templates are available along with the script and we can guarantee you'll be thrilled with the... >>READ MORE

Gift wrap

This feature allows the Users to buy the gift wrap and wrap their Gifts more attractively before gifting it to their peers/mates.
You can manage the Gift wrapper's rate here in Products under settings menu, and mark separate rates for single and multiple product purchases. >>READ MORE

Email - Message Board

Email Message board gives you an overview of all your messages at any given point of time.
Here the Users can view their messages along with the subject-line, sen to and from details along with the date on which the message was sent/received. >>READ MORE