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Rayzz 3

Modules - Mass Music Uploader

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Mass Music Uploader


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Mass Music Uploader


The Mass Uploader renders the versatile system of replacing the old content with fresh information and takes away the mundane aspect of time-consuming upload procedures.

With features that would ensure that the song never ends, your members can upload multiple audio fragments and songs with the Audio Mass Uploader. As a song without end, your users can control and customize the frequency of the content with Activation Period and Activation Quantity. Orchestrating the harmonizing of adding description, tags, indexing the content and categories, your members can allow the content to be embedded by third party websites with the interesting aspect of allowing Comments with User Rating. RSS subscriptions can be used as incentives for the frequent updated content as well as customer loyalty can be increased. Your users can save time and energy by just choosing the folder that they need and then decide on how often Rayzz should update content from the chosen folder.