Crowdfunding Script

SF Platform is short for Social Funding Platform because it enables you to run a crowd funded website like a Kickstarter website or like indegogo website where people can post projects and leverage the power of the crowd to fund the project which otherwise might not see the light of day. We have called this software a crowdfunding script platform because we believe that it is just a framework around which you will build and customize a groundbreaking website for indegogo clone websites with features no one else has thought of.

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Project Funding Management

SF Platform is a social funding (hence the SF) script which allows anyone to post their project or appeal for money and leverages the power of the crowd to get the project cost funded. The software handles every aspect of the project setup, funding and management leaving you free to promote and... >>READ MORE

PayPal Adaptive Payments Integration

To make the system as automatic as possible, SF Platform uses the highly advanced PayPal Adaptive Payments to ensure that projects can be created, funded, commissions charged and money transferred to the project owner without any intervention or approval from the admin - the entire financial... >>READ MORE

Flexible Commissions

You are free to set the commissions and fees involved for using your SF Platform powered website. There are multiple types of commissions and fees that you can set such as charging a flat fee to add a new project, or charging a percentage commission on the project budget or charging a fee based... >>READ MORE

Built In Escrow Function

The Escrow function gives protection to the project owner and to the people pledging money. The escrow ensures that the project only receives the money when the target budget is met. If the project owner accepts the money then it is paid to their PayPal account after the site fees have been... >>READ MORE

Geo Targeting

SF Platform has been designed to allow people to discover and help projects that are happening in their local area in order to foster a local community spirit. Using geo targeting feature, user can locate the projects need to be funded through the google map integration. So this greatly... >>READ MORE

Multilingual Support

The default script uses English but SF Platform has been designed so that it has multi-lingual support, including support for non-latin characters such as Russian, Greek, Japanese and more.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are located, you can start a local social funding... >>READ MORE