Project Funding Management

SF Platform is a social funding (hence the SF) script which allows anyone to post their project or appeal for money and leverages the power of the crowd to get the project cost funded. The software handles every aspect of the project setup, funding and management leaving you free to promote and market your website.

You can set the fee to post a project along with the commissions and fees you will charge for every donation made. Each project will be given a unique page on your site where people can discuss and ask questions and the project creator can add updates and news about the status of the project. Read more

PayPal Adaptive Payments Integration

To make the system as automatic as possible, SF Platform uses the highly advanced PayPal Adaptive Payments to ensure that projects can be created, funded, commissions charged and money transferred to the project owner without any intervention or approval from the admin - the entire financial aspect of the project is handled automatically.

PayPal Adaptive Payments means that the project owner can pay for and open a project and people can pledge the money they would like to contribute, but the money is only taken when the project reaches the budget required. If the project doesn't reach the budget within 90 days it is closed and no money is taken from the people who pledged. Read more

Flexible Commissions

You are free to set the commissions and fees involved for using your SF Platform powered website. There are multiple types of commissions and fees that you can set such as charging a flat fee to add a new project, or charging a percentage commission on the project budget or charging a fee based on the amount that has been pledged.

Alternatively you can add a one time signup fee so only people really interested in adding a project can do so, or even charge a commission on each pledge that is made towards the project. The fees are handled automatically using the PayPal Adaptive Payments system which means you collect the money without any input at all. Read more