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Payments Not Captured After Deal is Tipped

If the deal is tipped after the required number of people have purchased the script and the payments are not captured within 15 minutes then this indicates two possible problems:

1. The API codes you have entered are incorrect

2. The crons on your server are not working / enabled

The first thing you need to check is that the API codes from PayPal or Authorize.net are correct. If you believe that they are correct then please submit a ticket and provide access to your admin area and take a screenshot of your PayPal account which shows the API codes. The technician will then double check that the script has been setup correctly.

If the crons are not working correctly then the payments will never be captured so please check with your hosting company that the cron commands have been entered correctly. You can refer them to this page to show how the crons should be setup:


If this still doesn't fix the problem then the developers will require FTP / SSH access and access to your script database. Without this information they will be unable to assist you.