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How can I swich between french and english language in Rayzz.?

Here we go :

Please login as webmaster/admin, locate "Manage Language Section" for example : http://yourdomainname.com/admin/editLanguageFile.php and edit the language.

Language switching Option is in the top of the right side bar in every page. You will be able to switch between English or French.

Similarly, To add your French Login, You will need to login as the admin user using username/password.

After login, please go to the url http://yourdomainname.com/admin/editLanguageFile.php
And in that page, you can edit the languages files if you need.
For example to edit the french language for the Index page, You need to select the options

1. Choose Lang as "French"
2. Directory as "Root"
3. File as "index.php"
4. On clicking the submit buttons, you can see the list of boxes containing the English Words in the right side text area like "Added, From, Views..." and you can change the French words for that and then click Update.
5. So, we can edit all the available language files like this.
6. To view the french translated web pages, you can click the "French" language in the right side bar section in the home page. Url is http://yourdomainname.com/index.php?lang=fr