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GroupDeal Email Problems

The GroupDeal software is setup to send a lot of automated emails from signup confirmations to informing customers of the latest deal in their area. If you have a problem with the script not sending any emails then we need to have more information on what kind of emails are not being sent.

If your users are not getting signup confirmation emails or lost password emails then it's an issue with how your server is set up. Some servers will block the PHP Sendmail function which means that you need to use the SMTP function instead.

If your users are not receiving the daily deal emails but ARE receiving the signup confirmation emails then it could be a problem with the way the cron jobs are set on your server. Refer to the installation guide which gives instructions on how the cron is set up. If the daily deal emails are still not sending consult your hosting company for the correct way to set up a cron job on your server.