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Adding Static Pages

GroupDeal has the ability to add as many static pages as you wish, however there is no functionality to automatically add links to these new pages as each customer has their own requirements on how these pages will be linked to. If you add a static page you can edit the file below to create link on your site:


If you want the link to appear only on certain pages then this will require some customization and modification to the core files.

1. Login to your admin area

2.Click settings --> Manage Static pages

3.You will see Add option in the right corner, click on that

4.Fill out the information and click update

Changes to be made in the code

1.Login using your FTP details

2.You need to edit the default.ctp file

3.Follow this path to access the default.ctp file


4.Edit this line in the default.ctp file

5.Replace the page title you want in the places of faq in the above given line.

you have to change in three places.

6.After replacing the page titles find the above given line in the default.ctp file. Press enter to go the next line paste the page title replaced line there save the file and upload it in the server using the same path /app/views/layout/

You can add the pages following the given steps. If you face any problem or need any clarification please get back to us. We will help you.