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Deal Image Upload Problem

If you find that you are unable to upload an image for a deal then there is almost certainly a problem with the server or the file permissions. You can try creating a deal on Agriya's GroupDeal demo and upload the same image:

ID: admin
PASS: agriya

If the image is uploading fine then we can assume the script is fine so there is either a problem with:

a) File and folder permissions
b) The server setup
c) Customization has been done to the files
d) Installation was not successful

Ensure that the following folders have full write permissions:

- media/
- tmp/
- webroot/img/

For your server, check the following:

- Safemode should be off in php.ini (dedicated / vps servers)

If you have customized the script please let us know what files you have modified or edited (we may charge a small fee to fix issues caused by client modifications)

If you installed the script yourself, Agriya will offer to do a clean reinstall for free, just contact our Installations department.