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How do I change the logo?

GroupDeal uses multiple sizes for the logo because it is displayed in various parts of the website and emails that are sent. Please ensure that you upload the correct sizes and the correct file name to ensure that the logo is displayed correctly on your site. The logos you need to create are as follows:

app/webroot/img/blue-theme - logo-email.png - 186 x 47

app/webroot/img/blue-theme - logo.png - 335 x 85

app/webroot/img/blue-theme - logo-black.png - 335 x 85

app/webroot/blue-theme - gift-card.png - 476 x 325

app/webroot/img/mobile - logo-blue.png - 172 x 43

app/webroot/img - email-gift-card.png - 476 x 325

If the logo doesn't display on your site after uploading then you may need to delete the cache in this folder: