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CSS changes, image changes, file changes etc. not updating on the site

The GroupDeal software uses a caching engine to help speed up the site by loading static pages rather than trying to query the database everytime a visitor comes to the site.

If you have made changes to the files such as the CSS, template files or uploaded new images then it may not become visible on your site until the cache is cleared and recreated. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

The first is that you can turn on the debug mode within the script. This generates new cached files from the core files everytime the page is loaded. The other option is to simply delete all the files in the tmp/cache folder. This will also force the script to generate new cached files from the core files.

If you make changes to the cached files there is a strong chance that your modifications will be overwritten and permanently lost. Please only make changes to the core files, if you are unsure which file you need to edit please ask or refer to other articles in this knowledgebase.