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Script Upgrades & Upgrading

The software is being constantly developed and upgraded in the background based on client feedback and new bugs that we found. However since many of the sites are customized to specific client needs there is no simple process to upgrade from one version to a new version. If you have not started promoting your site yet then Agriya can assist with installing the latest version with a fresh database, if you have already launched your site, have made customizations and are attracting users then the upgrade will be difficult to perform.

You can find the latest version of the software by checking the online demo, in the footer is a notice which details the latest version.

15th June 2011 update: Agriya has developed patch files to allow customers to upgrade from one version of GroupDeal to another. The patch files are available for version 1.0a65 up to the latest version. You can view the full changelogs here:


The patch files MUST be applied in order, you must upgrade 1.0b2 to 1.0b3 before you can upgrade to 1.0b4. Agriya will perform the upgrade for you for a small fee, please contact the sales department for this. Ensure that you take a full backup of your files and database before making any changes as Agriya will need to charge a fee to correct any mistakes the client makes during the upgrade process.

However as mentioned above if you have done any customization then the patch files may not work and are not recommended. Customization includes design changes, translations, coding or anything else that changes the core files.