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How to fix redirection & sign up issues?


Issue :

How to fix redirection & sign up issues?


1/ Just make sure whether the admin area is working with http://domainname.com/admin/ Example: http://mygdinetwork.com/admin

2/ If the above one is not getting the expected page, then you should check the various possible combination of values of $config['uri_protocol'] configuration on /application/config/config.php. By default, the variable looks like below way:

$config['uri_protocol'] = "AUTO";

For the above case, you should check the below possible value one by one and then upload to the server and then check it out the admin area (like the above URL should be checked). Most probably the admin area would be working and if it is not satisfying the below values then just consult with our development team.

The possible values are:


The above one for fixing the redirection issue and make sure the admin area.

3/ If the above admin area accessible fixed, then the sign up process should be working fine manner. Because the above point would be related to above various points that involving redirection issues.

4/ If admin area is working and still the sign up action is not working, then you should make sure the permission - 755 with recursive mode for the following directory.

=> /application/scripts/


Agriya Support Team.