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SSL mobile site redirect problems

GroupDeal uses the .htaccess file to redirect users to the correct page. For example when someone visits your site at example.com on their mobile phone, GroupDeal tries to automatically detect that the user is using a mobile phone and will redirect them to the m.example.com domain.

Another way the script redirects a user is with the 'www' part of the domain. Many people don't realize that www.example.com and example.com are considered as two different domains, 'www' is considered a subdomain of example.com and therefore different.

When you buy an SSL certificate you have to be very careful which domain it covers. For example if you buy an SSL certificate for www.example.com then it only covers that subdomain, if a user attempts to access example.com then the user will be given a security warning notice.

This is important because the SSL certificate you buy can have an impact on the operation of the GroupDeal script. If you buy the certificate to cover www.example.com then it affects the way the mobile site will work because m.example.com is not covered by the certificate and the .htaccess file will force the browser to redirect to m.www.example.com

To resolve the issue you may need to either disable the mobile website or purchase a wildcard SSL certificate. This is explained in detail by GoDaddy.

Please note that any issue arising from SSL certificate errors or redirect errors are not a problem with the software but with the type of certificate that was issued for your domain.