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Regular Expression Support

Regular Expressions are complex pieces of code that enable software to extract data from a document such as a web page. Feedy uses regular expressions to extract data from group deal sites and put it on your deal aggregation site.

Regular Expressions are very hard to understand and use even for experienced programmers.

Unfortunately Agriya cannot provide the following support for free:

- Fixing / troubleshooting regular expressions so that it grabs the data
- Checking that the regular expression is correct
- Showing you how to create a regular expression

If you need to add a new group deal website to your deal aggregation site then we can provide you with a quote on how much it will cost to add a group deal site to your feed. Alternatively we also have a number of ready made deal feeders available here:


Finally, you can refer to this document that gives an example of how a regular expression is added:


Updated: 6th April 2011