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Email Newsletters Not Sending

If you discover that your email newsletters to members are not sending, please follow this troubleshooting guide before contacting us as you may be able to solve the problem yourself.

1. Check with your host to see if they have a limit on the number of emails you can send per day. For example, on HostGator's shared hosting plan they allow you to send a maximum of a few hundred emails per day. If you are on a VPS or a dedicated server there should not be any limits like this.

2. Feedy allows several types of methods to send mass emails. The default setting is the php sendmail function. 99% of the time this is all that is required and works by default, however if you find that emails are not being sent then there may be a problem with the server path to the php sendmail function. You will need to contact your host to find out this information.

3. If the php sendmail function is not an option you can opt to use SMTP mail which requires a real email account to be set up. Check with your host to find the appropriate settings for your server setup.

4. If the script still isn't sending emails there may be a problem with your cron jobs, check with this troubleshooting guide to ensure the crons are setup correctly:


5. If the above steps still don't solve your problem, please contact our Support Department and provide your FTP and cPanel details as required.